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Getting Creative on the 'Soul Coast'

What does it mean to be a creative artist? Arts ventures and organisations on the Sunshine Coast are currently growing exponentially. The shift in how our community see and value arts and the role it has to play in our lives is ever snowballing. The creative arts inject fundamental vitality into all aspects of our growing community. In each individuals' creative expression we all gain something. Gathering within this NFP collective, the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, are artists, educators, innovators and philanthropists alike. Our fascination as humans in everything around us, informs everything we do. Fortunately for us living here on the Sunshine Coast we have this extremely pro active collective whom collaborate regularly to keep the arts alive and thriving, forming a recognisable identity for our generation and those to come.
The Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance have done it again with their #juiceandjam breakfast this morning. Encouraging creative enterprise, innovative design, regional identity and connecting artists from all creative sectors. Today's subject for thought and discussion - Story telling and place, was a sell out event and no wonder with the eloquently spoken Dr Inga Simpson, speaking of our interconnected ancient ecosystems and the literature of nature; the gracefully authentic Dr Carol Major expressing how the process of collaboration between the people, their stories and all of our local history is the key to urban development interpreting our sense of place and connection as a community; and finally our own national treasure - Michael Leunig telling his accumulated stories of self, "coming down from the mountain and retrieving the messy stuff within" effortlessly and with utter humility. Of course the morning wouldn't be complete without a performance of the musical kind and today that was provided by the powerfully voiced Jimmy Davis. Jimmy has a simple, yet exquisite way with lyrics sung with honesty and conviction that give you goosebumps and takes you away somewhere like cloud nine.
Sitting in a room with so many beautiful people, and I mean this in an energetic way, always fills my cup to the brim with passion, inspiration and warmth. Just being in the room with like minded people and the essence of humanity and integrity flowing from each and every human is almost surreal. If you have any interest in the Sunshine Coast community, attendance at one of these events is well worth the effort. Networking among fellow sunny coasters with an interest in improving our home is extremely enlightening and beneficial in so many ways. Speakers are passionate in their fields and interpretive of what this means to us as a community. Discussion is open, enthusiastic, opinionated, powerful, informative and very relevant to all of us as artists and residents of the Sunshine Coast.
So, to answer my own question… To me, calling myself a creative artist means being passionate, responsible, honest and proactive in our community in expressing our talents and educating our future generations about the importance and value of the arts in our community. Our experiences, our stories, our collective dialogues are what define us both as individuals and as a community. It is up to all of us to seek out and preserve this collection of stories, interpret them and incorporate them forming a recognisable identity for our Sunshine Coast.

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