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Saturday Night, Live!

For me, being an emerging creative artist means doing lots of little things as a step forward to bigger things. So today as I stand folding napkins at my cafĂ© day job, I think about all the other creatives on the Sunshine Coast and how many of them are giving their time to their craft tonight. You see, we are very lucky to have a varied and vibrant music scene that is emerging here on the coast. Venues all over are supporting musicians giving them a space to perform and hone their craft for YOU. Far from the bustling masses of Brisbane, our own talented artists spend a portion of every day producing a little naked piece of their soul to present for your pleasure.

What we need to do is get off our couches and get our butts out to appreciate these amazing entertainers. So many shows are on for FREE! We must attend to keep it alive, it's a privilege to be in a time where we are offered such opportunities, if we can't support our local music scene it will wither and die like a flo…

Pineapple Festival IS Sweet Local Goodness

This year is the best line up yet for the Big Pineapple Music Festival on the Sunshine Coast. Internationally recognised Aussies as well as the best of our Sunny Coast local talent are going to blow up the farm. Make sure you don't miss out on your chance to party in the paddock, tix are almost sold out! Here's some memories from the maiden run...Be sure to click the link to be in on the party.

Chats with an Irrawaddy Dolphin AKA Nick from Twin Haus

So my bro went to the amazing FOTSUN in Port Macquarie last year on a reconnaissance mission for me as I couldn't make it. He raved about this four piece Brissy band he described as the lovechild of certain musical legendary others that gave him goosebumps (any mention of the 'bumps' my interest is peaked). It just so happened when I checked them out, I also got the 'bumps' and decided I liked them, so therefore reached out for a little chat...Sunny Coasters can check 'em out at The Helm Mooloolabah April 8th with more tour dates on their Facebook page.

Recent reviews have described you as Radiohead-esque; your tunes as meandering with extended sonic tangents, tenaciously expansive and catastrophically all encompassing. That’s a lot of really big complicated words… How do YOU describe your sound?

Haha, that is a lot of big complicated words… I don’t know what the other guys would say, we’d probably each give you a different answer to this one, but I tend to desc…