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The Art of Jungle Love

Leave the banality of domestic life to immerse yourself in a haze of bubbles, music, art & loving souls.
As ‘Wanda’ carried our excited crew through the undulating hills, it was evident the recent rains had reinvigorated the land; it felt as if that vibe had saturated the mood of every inhabitant of the line of vehicles winding their way toward the festival entry. Approaching the camping zones was a sloshy affair. Heavy last-minute downpours had in turn led to last minute changes in zone arrangements which the staff communicated and organised with utter professionalism. Instructions were given clearly, everyone helped those in need to get tents up and cars free from thick mud. The show of human spirit and care was truely heartwarming. Luckily, our set up was done and dusted in no time; we were so keen to get entwined in everything Jungle Love had to offer.

Eyes open with wonder, soaking up the abundant good vibes, I headed down from camp to kick off my virgin Jungle Love adventure. I felt so at home in the free atmosphere, the naked detail of every art installation made my imagination buzz with thoughts of how creative and clever the artists are. An indulgent festival on every level, a feast for your mind, body and soul; Jungle Love is more than groovy alternative music. It’s like being enveloped in a cocoon of bliss being surrounded by lush forestry. Fellow festivallians spent many sunny hours floating in the cool waters of the fresh creek watching bubbles float by on the breeze while listening to an array of incredible music of all styles.
At night, the jungle came to life with fascinating street art performance, random hug givers and playful jam sessions in the Chai tent. Each stage had its own vibe, all performers thrilled us delivering energetic shows that had all punters revelling. Artists and festivalians alike worked on the live art walls and later quite a number partied through to the wee hours in the Kunst Klub and Love Room…yes, it’s exactly what you think ;) Looking back on the weekend, the entire festival was abundant with good vibes, incredible tunes, intriguing characters, loved up punters and ran superbly despite the wet start.

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