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Spicy chicken metal...The next big thing.

Spicy chicken metal band from Melbourne is how I, Valiance describe themselves...I describe them as frenzied, yet symphonic; heavenly yet hellish; to put it simply, take everything you love about any hardcore death metal you've ever heard and it might come close to the cacophonous crazy good sound these guys produce. Progressive & innovative, they are so far ahead of the pack in this genre, if you haven't heard them yet, you must've been hiding under a rock and must quickly remedy this! For band members Gabe Houben, Matias Morales, Krys Smith, David Freeland and last but not least, the mighty Vrillon, 2015 has been a massive year with their EP 'Reject of Humanity' being released in January, they have toured their home Australia relentlessly as well as being picked up on the bill for Melbourne's leg of the 'Soundwave' festival with some of the best in the business. They don't look like slowing down anytime soon either, with management confirming …

Loving Life Gracefully, Is Airling...

We always hear the term 'When  you find what makes you happy, do that and your life will be a success.' Talking frankly with Hannah Shepherd AKA Airling today, it is apparent this certainly rings true for her. Hannah's earliest memories are filled with musical influence from piano lessons with her beloved Grandmother to the constant tunes her Grandfather whistled, following a musical path was a natural way to quench Hannah's thirst for reaching her life's goals. It's on thing to set a do you make things happen?
" I just am what I am...I would never try to be something I'm not." ..."People seem to be quite touched with the music, which really made me happy."
Alt: Let's go back to the start...why music?
Airling: "I haven't found anything else that makes me this happy at all. Like writing songs is the most fulfilling & expressive thing that you know you can do...and I have some kind of thirst for...achieving goals...…

Springsteen's Talent Goes Solo & Nails It!

Walking into a gig not having any expectations is something different for me; I usually know the artist or have done some research & am familiar with at least some of their catalogue. For Mr. Jake Clemons, however, it's a very different story. All I knew was that he has an impressive resume including touring with my first music crush, "The Boss" Bruce Springsteen, plus other heroes Eddie Vedder and The Roots. Of course, this information was enough to tweak my interest & make me very curious as to what an experience this evening would be. As Jake walked on stage, he immediately commanded our undivided attention in the most humble way. From the very first chord, his passion and talent had the whole audience captivated. Engaging in banter between songs strengthened the connection with artist and punters, with participation imminent. His acoustic stories are both relevant and inspirational; true reflections of life experience with a score that is compelling. His sound…

Meet The Hi-Boys

Oh my The Hi-Boys are so hot on stage, you can feel the canned heat in your heels from the minute they step onto it. To say they are high energy is an understatement, these boys are fiery, raw, rough and ready to knock your socks off with the rockabilly edge that is so undeniably their own. When you've seen them once, you will know that sound anywhere, like the smell of your favourite coffee house in the morning you'll be addicted. For a 4 piece, the intensity of sound that comes at you is an explosion of 50's style rock 'n' roll to leave you breathless but your body will not be able to stop the boogie. Hailing from the talent-rich Noosa area, the boys have been making us shake, rattle and roll all over Queensland for some time now with their polished, tight sound. Having recently returned from a US tour through California and Nevada, they have been working hard on growing their international audience, so it wasn't all rock star shenanigans, they did perform thr…

Backstage Brag with Sun City.

Get to know Sun City, look them up & #supportlocalmusic

There aren't too many artists who release a single to have it hit 35,000 plays in a single day; not surprisingly that is exactly what Perth artists Dan & Toby AKA Sun City, achieved with their single 'High' from the 'Set Alight' EP back in 2012. Since then, they have played some of our biggest festivals here in Australia including Stereosonic, Future Music & Parklife. Their sweet electro indi beats are currently causing a raucous up the East Coast of Queensland on their 'Tour of the Tropics' & I was ever so grateful to meet the humble lads for a "Backstage Brag" session.

Rellish: “Since embarking on this tour, what do Sun City envision for it?”
Sun City: “It’s the first time we’ve been this far up in QLD…It’s amazing! We’re hoping to get around to a few more tropical places…to have a good time…to bring some tropical music to tropical places.”
Rellish: ”You had some quick success…

Backstage Brag with The Brains Trust

New Sunny Coast discovery talk to me about everything Brains Trust in a little 'Backstage Brag' session after the show.
Rellish: How did you all come together as The Brains Trust? Brains Trust: It started out mid 2013 as two mates (Jonny Boinkin & Brett Orr) getting together remixing and creating some great music. Then one day, I (Jess Lean) sent an email through to Brett asking him to give his opinion on a i was working on with a school friend. It must have been alright because they invited me up to the studio to have a session. A few months rolled by and the songs just kept on coming I was later inducted into The Brains Trust under a big red lamp and the green chandeliers. In January 2015, Brett was accepted into The Queensland Conservatorium of Music and unfortunately most of his time had to be dedicated to that. The timing was pretty bad because the phone had just started ringing crazy and the momentum had begun to grow naturally. Stopping was not an option so Jonny and I…

Let There Be...Passion

There has only ever been one consistent thing in my life I have been passionate I've never been able to master an instrument or even sight read music after 6 years of study, nor can I sing like an angel. I can however, tell you all about the awesome gigs you should be going to, should catch next time they're in your home town, or who has just released something noteworthy to listen to. Music news, new tunes, and up & coming artists are what consumes my every waking moment; I'm one of those people who has a song for every memory since birth, I'm that friend that randomly blurts out song lyrics in any and every situation!
It is a universal language, brings people together and is used to celebrate, commiserate & generally speak on all occasions...can you name the last song that gave you goose bumps?

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