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Listen, Explore and Share Dustin's First Light Debut.

Having travelled and lived in some amazing locations around the world, we can hear within his music Dustin is inspired by the mystery and beauty of our surroundings in his emotive, layered sounds. Dustin has collaborated with Thelma Plum & Kite String Tangle in past projects and produced two noteworthy tracks 'Silk' & 'Illuminate'.

"It's an amazing thing to be able to do, to create stuff and share it with people."

Back in Australia, now calling Sydney home, Dustin has embarked on a huge tour promoting his eagerly awaited debut album 'First Light' which takes in several SOLD OUT dates across the country. In many ways, this is an album of exploration, collection, discovery and creation...more dreamy, genius to get lost in.

 If you're a fan, you will be duly impressed, if you're not yet a will be after listening to 'First Light'. I was so grateful he could spare some time from the busy job of pack down after his show to have a little chat on the couch.

Rellish: I would like for you to take me back in time and show me what inspired you to follow this path...what was that moment for you?

Dustin: I don't remember having a moment where I chose to do this, I think I just 'fell into it' in a way. There was heaps of instruments around our home, where I grew up, my Dad played guitar, and I just started when I was about 15 or 16 just mucking around with it and I never remember it being hard. I took to it really quickly and it just became a part of my life, my daily was never something I really put thought into doing. When I left high school, I was going to go and do visual arts and then an opportunity came up for me to enrol in music school so I went and auditioned and got in, and I never thought of that as a career at all. Someone just said you should go and do this thing and give it a go...even then I wasn't sure I was going to do music but it just started happening and it always felt like a really natural thing.

"I never chose it, it chose me."
Rellish: That's really nice, so it's something you're passionate about?
Dustin: Well yeah I love it. Like parts of it are work, like sometimes you write bad songs and that's work; packing up late at nights after gigs is work, but it's an amazing thing to be able to do, to create
stuff and share it with people.
Rellish: Yeah for sure, you are very talented. You've recorded many of the instrumental parts yourself?
Dustin: A lot of them yes. For this record I got a couple of drummers in there's a few co-writes and stuff; so there's a few more people involved this time around. There's a harp player and a bunch of other instruments on there but I've still kinda been doing a lot of it myself.
Rellish: So because music has always been part of your life and come quite naturally to you, is there anything else that you'd like to share about your journey that you actually found hard about getting to where you are?
Dustin: I think it's the whole creative process, like people have this concept that you know what you're going to make and then you go and just make it and that you have to have this idea about what you're going to do and it's not like that at all. It's just allowing yourself to explore and make mistakes. To get a song finished, you have to make sometimes hundreds of mistakes. Doing the wrong thing that doesn't end up in the song and that can be really hard sometimes when you're not finding things that connect, everyone has this up and down journey, a creative pattern where it feels really good and really hard regardless of what you're doing. We've had amazing support from Triple J and FBI and the other radio stations. We have a really good team around us now and they're all helping, but it's a hard thing to do.
 "If it was easy, everyone would be doing it."

Thanks Dustin xx

Buy this spectacular audio, find Dusty's blog and grab some hot merch

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