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Saturday Night, Live!

For me, being an emerging creative artist means doing lots of little things as a step forward to bigger things. So today as I stand folding napkins at my cafĂ© day job, I think about all the other creatives on the Sunshine Coast and how many of them are giving their time to their craft tonight. You see, we are very lucky to have a varied and vibrant music scene that is emerging here on the coast. Venues all over are supporting musicians giving them a space to perform and hone their craft for YOU. Far from the bustling masses of Brisbane, our own talented artists spend a portion of every day producing a little naked piece of their soul to present for your pleasure.

What we need to do is get off our couches and get our butts out to appreciate these amazing entertainers. So many shows are on for FREE! We must attend to keep it alive, it's a privilege to be in a time where we are offered such opportunities, if we can't support our local music scene it will wither and die like a flower without rain. From Noosa to Caloundra you can hear the talent of many award winning locals and some equally spectacular new breed artists at your local venues, like Blackwater, The Helm or even the Full Moon Dance out at Verridale. The possibilities are endless, get up and dance people, take yourself out of the mundane and into a world of carefree, fanciful fun. It doesn't matter whether you are into Hip Hop, Dance, Blues, Rock, Jazz or a sound more unique and underground; there is always an act to be seen on Saturday night, live!

Some faves you can look forward to seeing regularly are...

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What does it mean to be a creative artist? Arts ventures and organisations on the Sunshine Coast are currently growing exponentially. The shift in how our community see and value arts and the role it has to play in our lives is ever snowballing. The creative arts inject fundamental vitality into all aspects of our growing community. In each individuals' creative expression we all gain something. Gathering within this NFP collective, the Sunshine Coast Creative Alliance, are artists, educators, innovators and philanthropists alike. Our fascination as humans in everything around us, informs everything we do. Fortunately for us living here on the Sunshine Coast we have this extremely pro active collective whom collaborate regularly to keep the arts alive and thriving, forming a recognisable identity for our generation and those to come.

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Filling the Girl Punk Voiid

Walking into the Foundry early, I was pretty keen on the night's line-up. There was a crowd starting to mill around the stage and a bit of a buzz to be honest, tonight’s headliners are the irrepressible Bleeding Knees Club with The Pinheadz & Voiid supporting…this was not the first I’d heard of the ostentatious girl group.  In fact I was looking forward to seeing some girlshreik, it had been a while since I’d heard an all girl punk band that impressed me to be honest.

The girls were all so comfortable in their skin on stage, an electric presence that flaunted true punk ego. They sauntered onto stage, and with an almighty bass line they launched straight into it as did the crowd. Voiid certainly have built a local following and everyone was writhing & cascading all over the joint with enthusiasm. Obvious influences came shining through, I decided I needed to have a little chat with the girls to spread the word on the hot asfuck sounds hitting my earholes…
So you got together…

Journey through Desire Path.

Talking with Yeo, I felt like I was chatting to a friend, he is humble and honest. We spoke about the themes intertwined in 'Desire Path' and how each collaboration came about.
Your last album was really playful both in the music and the lyrics.  Listening to your new album ‘Desire Path’, I felt like a it’s journey through different relationships. 
Yeah, I think even if the lyrics get really literal, music to me is based on emotion and emotions are kind of nothing without a relationship to give it context I feel.
Well when you think about, it relationships rule our lives, whether it be a friendship, family or a work colleague they are always an influence; but I feel quite a few of these tracks are about love relationships?
There’s a few on this album, and I haven’t done this for a while. The last album had a couple, but I feel like I got more honest on this one. 
I agree, you have a great way with words and that draws me in to your music. I take an expression of human emotions and …