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Chats with an Irrawaddy Dolphin AKA Nick from Twin Haus

So my bro went to the amazing FOTSUN in Port Macquarie last year on a reconnaissance mission for me as I couldn't make it. He raved about this four piece Brissy band he described as the lovechild of certain musical legendary others that gave him goosebumps (any mention of the 'bumps' my interest is peaked). It just so happened when I checked them out, I also got the 'bumps' and decided I liked them, so therefore reached out for a little chat...Sunny Coasters can check 'em out at The Helm Mooloolabah April 8th with more tour dates on their Facebook page.

Recent reviews have described you as Radiohead-esque; your tunes as meandering with extended sonic tangents, tenaciously expansive and catastrophically all encompassing. That’s a lot of really big complicated words… How do YOU describe your sound?

Haha, that is a lot of big complicated words… I don’t know what the other guys would say, we’d probably each give you a different answer to this one, but I tend to describe our sound as vaguely as possible most of the time. I kind of feel like it is redundant to describe how we sound, because in the time it takes to rattle off a bunch of buzz-words and influences, whoever was asking could have just listened to a few of our songs.

 I agree, and that's what I did, fell in tune love.

You have a very dedicated following around SE QLD and growing around Australia. Where would you to see the success of  the newly released ‘Nothing Lavish’ EP take you after conquering your home?

I was pretty bummed out that we couldn’t get to Tasmania this time around, I would love to go there next. Aside from that, we are in the midst of planning out the second half of 2016, and there might be an over seas jaunt on the cards…

An overseas trip would be dreamy! Your sophomore EP ‘Nothing Lavish’ is a polyphonic masterpiece, I can’t wait to hear the follow up; Were there many creative clashes during the production?

Thank you very much! Creating ‘Nothing Lavish’ was a very lengthy process, but it was smooth sailing the whole time; we were experimenting a lot at Bedlam Records, but we were all in sync with what worked and what didn’t. We all heard a reasonably similar final product in our heads right from when we first wrote each song.

You guys must be tight to be on the same page like that, truly a bonus during the creative process for sure. What’s your craziest band memory you’ve made together so far?

Every tour results in a fair few of these, heaps of our mates from home have moved down to Melbourne over the last year or so, and they are all responsible for a fair few (Dyl, Mac, Mads, Trenchy), the hospitable bro’s from Upskirts (SYD) are responsible for a few as well. Last time we were in Melbourne we decided one night to book a low-key gig and form a band with Zach Britt (Young Lions/ Dream On, Dreamer) where we all switched instruments. We were supposed to play for 20-30 minutes. Our set of improvised ‘jams’ went for over an hour I believe, the post-gig celebrations were rather ridiculous that night.

Ahhh Young Lions, they've recently popped up on my radar, I'll be sure to chat to them soon too. OK, so each of you have to answer this individually… What is your totem/spirit animal?

Emperor Tamarin - Iti Memon

Atretochoana - Zach Degnan

Tufted Deer - Dan Grima

Irrawaddy Dolphin - Nick McMillan

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