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KLP & Young Franco Talking all things KLParty.

A little apprehensive as I await the arrival of KLP & Young Franco with my colleague...I'm thinking, interviewing a well seasoned interviewer...awkward!

As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about! KLP is one of the loveliest artists I have had the opportunity to meet so is Young Franco. Talking about how they started this collaboration & much more, this very candid chat was one of the most fun I have to share with you...enjoy!

"I really like good vocals...I tend to be drawn to that." KLP
"Usually the best ideas are the ones that flow naturally." Young Franco
"...Before your sensor kicks in...if you just kinda let it flow, I think that's the most genuine...track." KLP
Alt J: So you come from a singer background?
KLP: "I started singing literally...the day I was born. My Dad's a I grew up singing, I was in a girl group signed to Sony when I was a teenager and...travelled around. I've done everything... DJing was a way of paying my bills while I was trying to write music and sing and then it just kinda took off; and of course I realised I enjoyed it, so it's now a bit of a knack for me to try and bring back the singing thing because half the people don't even know...I'm a singer first and foremost, so I'd like to remind people of that."
Alt J: So how did you and Young Franco come up with your collaboration?
Young Franco: "I produced the song. I write every day, I try and finish songs and move I sent KP that track 'cause I really like it...but I hadn't listened to it for ages and when I sent it to her she literally sent it back to me that day."
KLP: ..." And  then he (Young Franco) was like, let's get a mix it kind of all fell together really naturally."
Alt J: Do you have to take time out to sit down and write or does it just come to you naturally?
KLP: "It's's a real knack to be able to sit down and say, OK I'm gonna write something...and then other times, I'll be sent something and be like, I totally don't have time to do this...but I dunno, I don't think there's any set way to go about it."
Alt J: How do you pick who you collaborate with?
KPL: "Again, it really depends. Either, you know it's someone I know, someone who, I really like their music, or it can be someone I don't know but they just send me a track and I really like the track. So again, no set routine for me."
Alt J: What about from a production side, how do you work out who you collaborate with?
Young Franco: "...if I like their music or I like what they're I did an album that's all collabs...when I do features and stuff, I just invest in the person and I believe in what they do and I just take it from there."
KLP: "I do alot of stuff through social media...I don't think there's been any that have been in the same room."
Alt J: Let's talk about the tour. What's your vision for KLParty?
KLP: "...well it's a bit of a play on my name, it's just my initials it's as simple as that...people always tweet at me or write on my Instagram, KLpizza or KLPinot's a bit of a joke thing so I just embraced that and did was a monthly night in Sydney...but I wanted to take it out of Sydney and I guess go around Australia with it. The monthly night in Sydney, every month I'd have a different line up...I thought for this I need to have someone to come do the whole thing so it was Joe."
Alt J: Do you think it will be interesting to see fans from both sides connect with you?
KLP: "Well Joe has heaps more fans so I'm just hoping I can get all of his! We both have different strengths, so we're gonna come together."
Young Franco: "I think there's a crossover will give people more of an incentive, cause they're gonna get two people and we'll probably have a few friends play at the local slots."
Alt J: When you were planning the tour, was it hard to pick venues? Why did you pick the Sunshine Coast?
KLP: "Cause Sunshine Coast is awesome, it has the best name...the whole point is to go to as many places as you you can meet new people and play your music."
Alt J: Do you think the response has been up in other places that aren't home?
KLP: "Yeah, it's really dependant on the night."
Young Franco: "Yeah definitely. I think it's also the people behind the if it's the culture or if it's some club who can just throw money at you...or it's actually a family who want a part of it...that's where I see the most when you have friends you've met...and you've connected with them."
Alt J: Well we hope you can make some connections here and it brings you back again!

KLP is currently on tour with Goldfields finishing up at the Brightside in Brisbane on 11th July. Young Franco has just finished a tour in the UK so keep your ears out for new music!

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