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Meet Kallidad...The Fast & not so Furious

"If everyone does their thing...if everyone is true to themselves, then society would all fit into place perfectly. There is a possibility of peace on Earth." Jacinko

I don't know about you, but I'm all for trying new things. So when I was offered the opportunity to watch a Mexican Flamenco Band play on a yacht on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, how could I refuse? Before embarking on this rock star adventure I did some research as I'm none too familiar with this style of music; what I found was...Kallidad are a Mexican Mariachi metal band with a Flamenco twist like fast, furious phonic fire that quickly had my toes tapping.

Senor Bang Bang, The Raven and Jacinko have a very individual style not mimicked by anyone, what they have created intuitively is something truly unique and amazing and here's how that all came about....
"it's the love of the guitar..."

Rellish: You've got a really unique genre that you guys play. How did you find that sound that suits you so well?

Tom: "Ever since day one it's been like a completely evolving, growing snowball just develops...we never set out to be this type of band, we felt comfortable doing it and people enjoy it and we enjoy it."

Jacinko: "The busking helped develop a lot of those early days, the sound, the simplicity and we got a lot of the drive of our sound from busking."

Rellish: So with the busking, what was your biggest 'pinch me' moment where you realised that you could really do something big with your music?"

Julian: "The biggest one was our first festival, we played Rainbow Serpent. That was like, the first time we used the face paint. We played at 4pm Australia Day... There were people just wandering in to hear us play and really getting into it... I remember thinking 'we're getting paid to play this festival'.

Jacinko: "There was a moment n our second or third ever busk... we were busking and there was like 20 or so people at one o'clock in the morning in Bondi and they were absolutely losing their sh*t...I was like, if we can do this for 20 people, we can do this for 2000 people...I thought how on Earth... and Tom wasn't all that experienced, these people were going mental, and for me this band and this music is know, we're clowning around and this is happening."

Rellish: So everything just sort of evolved naturally... I believe it's these things that come naturally that should be pursued, do you agree?

Jacinko: "Everything with this band has come naturally. The line up was natural, the face paint was a accident, the sound was an accident, even our first gig was an accident! Someone picked us up when we were busking...we weren't even asking for gigs or even considering we were at a level where we thought anyone would want to put us in public. Everything has been an accident."

Rellish: "I love the idea of the face paint. I was wondering if after you started using the face paint, did that develop your stage persona and performance art?"

Tom: "Yeah... It feels like when your putting it on, you kinda enter battle mode almost. You know, you put it on and it's show time, you go out, you do your thing and in my case... You can be a bit of a larrikin... Then you come off stage, wash it off and leave that persona back on stage."

Jacinko: "My face paint character is a lot more flamboyant, I guess verging on arrogant, but that's not me, that's him."

Rellish: "You guys have come so far... What is your definition of success thus far?"

Tom: "Playing on a boat on the Sunshine Coast on a Sunday afternoon...with beers."

Kallidad: "Quitting our day jobs!"

Jacinko: "That was victory. Waking up in the morning and you either have Kallidad, or whatever you want. That's amazing... Not having an alarm clock"

Kallidad are about to embark on a tour throughout Europe, then it's back to our shores for dates all along the East Coast, starting in Port Macquarie at Pier Clarence on September 9 and finishing in Brisbane's Motor Room on November 14...Brought to you by Beats Cartel.


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