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Killer New Drummer for Balloons Kill Babies

Shortly after I was introduced to Balloons Kill Babies at this year’s QMA’s, they took some time out. Thrilled to learn of the emerging bands' successes I feel it is my duty to introduce you. Change is inevitable; at times it’s swift & other times it takes a little longer to get all the important bits right. Fortunately for Balloons Kill Babies, taking their time led to a massive WIN/WIN situation. 

When a change in line up is necessary you can’t rush finding the right piece to fit the puzzle and find the right piece they did. The stars aligned for BKB when none other than Scott Davey, previously form Dead Letter Circus, became available. Spending a period of time looking for the right talent has paid off. The three lads clicked instantly, Christian stating they have so much in common with their music styles.

A growing number of compositions plumping up the swag, the three piece’s rehearsal sessions this year have been so productive. Founding member Christian confirmed they have had continual focus on free-jamming and working on new material, and word is we can look forward to the new release EP "Prodromal" in early 2017. BKB’s sound engenders progressive, atmospheric rock; strong influences in classic metal are also heavily apparent.

This is a solid new discovery, see for yourself.

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