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Rockin' Dirty Royals...

Hit play on any one of their tunes on Unearthed, Soundcloud or their Facebook page & the big ballsy bass slaps you right in the face. The Royal Artillery have been tasty fodder on the Brisbane music scene for some time now & have a stack of festival performances under their belts to boot. I'm really digging their tunes, I find their stoner style well to my liking, they have skill & great technique in executing their fine auditory art. I have posted the Soundcloud link to their EP below & enthusiastically encourage you to lend your ear for a tantalizing burst of fat rockin' riffs. The story 'Pony Ride' appeals as my fave song on this EP, the sound is a true representation of a blues recipe in my book.

The lads are skilled at meshing together blues melody & vocals with driven skins; the flippant lyrics meld into the at times cacophonous rhythms perfectly, with an arrogance that is just enough to be attractive rather than overbearing, much like the prettiest bird in the cage. The expressive instrumentation takes the listener on a journey into the dank depths of dirty rock, raucous with that unrefined energy & enthusiasm of early Soundgarden or Alice In Chains.

Most recently they have hit up stages on the Sydney Blues & Roots Festival, Agnes Blues and Roots, Devil’s Kitchen & Mojo Burning Festival with some of Australia's premier artists. If you love your authentic rock driven blues, then you need to get along to one of their many live shows to appreciate the big talent of these guys. As stated in their own words "Quite simply, if you love your music, this band needs your attention."

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The girls were all so comfortable in their skin on stage, an electric presence that flaunted true punk ego. They sauntered onto stage, and with an almighty bass line they launched straight into it as did the crowd. Voiid certainly have built a local following and everyone was writhing & cascading all over the joint with enthusiasm. Obvious influences came shining through, I decided I needed to have a little chat with the girls to spread the word on the hot asfuck sounds hitting my earholes…
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Talking with Yeo, I felt like I was chatting to a friend, he is humble and honest. We spoke about the themes intertwined in 'Desire Path' and how each collaboration came about.
Your last album was really playful both in the music and the lyrics.  Listening to your new album ‘Desire Path’, I felt like a it’s journey through different relationships. 
Yeah, I think even if the lyrics get really literal, music to me is based on emotion and emotions are kind of nothing without a relationship to give it context I feel.
Well when you think about, it relationships rule our lives, whether it be a friendship, family or a work colleague they are always an influence; but I feel quite a few of these tracks are about love relationships?
There’s a few on this album, and I haven’t done this for a while. The last album had a couple, but I feel like I got more honest on this one. 
I agree, you have a great way with words and that draws me in to your music. I take an expression of human emotions and …