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Backstage Brag with Sun City.

Get to know Sun City, look them up & #supportlocalmusic

There aren't too many artists who release a single to have it hit 35,000 plays in a single day; not surprisingly that is exactly what Perth artists Dan & Toby AKA Sun City, achieved with their single 'High' from the 'Set Alight' EP back in 2012. Since then, they have played some of our biggest festivals here in Australia including Stereosonic, Future Music & Parklife. Their sweet electro indi beats are currently causing a raucous up the East Coast of Queensland on their 'Tour of the Tropics' & I was ever so grateful to meet the humble lads for a "Backstage Brag" session.

Rellish: “Since embarking on this tour, what do Sun City envision for it?”
Sun City: “It’s the first time we’ve been this far up in QLD…It’s amazing! We’re hoping to get around to a few more tropical places…to have a good time…to bring some tropical music to tropical places.”
Rellish: ”You had some quick successes come to you with the release of your second EP in scoring some big festival dates. How did that go so early on for you?”
Sun City: “Well the last couple of years have been pretty crazy! We released two EP’s, we've gotten to tour some beautiful parts of the world and of course Australia as well…we’re enjoying it while it’s here and we want to keep making music and hopefully people keep listening to it. It’s been a good time and we do it for the music.”
Rellish: “Last question…Do you have any quirky nicknames for your equipment?”
Sun City: “We thought you were going to say eachother! (both laugh) We just made the best nicknames … when we got to the airport at 6m this morning, we were half asleep and trying to get into a good rhythm…so my name (Toby) for Daniel is Chuppa Chup Brus…my name (Dan) is Master Splinter brus…and our sound engineer, Kiera is Brus Jnr.”
Local new music supporter station Triple J have given them consistent airplay, film clips have had exposure on Australia's premier music show Rage as well as an introduction to the USA on MTV. You can find their sassy beats on Triple J Unearthed, Sound Cloud, iTunes and U Tube…make sure you check them out for some toe tapping, booty shakin’ beats.

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